Life isn't all it's cracked up to be..

March 26 2006

So I love my new job.

I found out that all of the paperwork for the apartment went through and I'll be moving in sometime around May 1.

Lyndi came up to Knoxville on Thursday and stayed with me until today so that made my spring break better than it would have been. My "break" was two days..the only 2 I didn't have to work. Oh well. Money is my lifeline now.

Kind of sucks that my parents won't be taking care of me anymore in the sense that if I'm hungry I can ask for some cash to go to Sonic or out to eat on the weekends.

Oh well. It's always better living on your own than living a life with so many restrictions and rules.

Whitney Sanders

March 28 2006
wow-I love how you put that last thought...I wish you would tell my parents that!!!!!Lol....hope school is going well..its almost over!!!!!!!!!!ttyl