March 16 2006

I don't care that we almost lost.
I don't care that it was a close game.
It doesn't matter we only won by 2.
All that does matter is...


#2 Tennessee 63
#15 Winthrop 61

We may not play like a #2 seed and we might not be as good as other teams in the tournament but we came back from nothing to get where we are. This team is everything this school could ask for. We like them so much that I haven't heard much about Pat Summitt and the women. Didn't they win another National Championship?

I found a tape I had from BigStuf 2002, the first year Belle Aire went.

All I can say is..


We were all 15! Haha..


March 16 2006
that was foooorever ago. i didn't go with you guys, but remember doing the promo, registrations, and such as mr. youth secretary...


March 16 2006
wow! :o) oh how times changes...seems sooo long ago...but at the same time just like yesterday :o)