The Big 19

February 05 2006

--Sings-- Happy Birthday to me...

Seeing how it's 12:13 am here, it's officially my birthday.

As of 9:38 tonight I'll be 19 but what's the fun of having a birthday if the whole day isn't about you turning whatever age you are?

What do I get to do on my birthday? I have a psychology test first thing in the morning. Oh so much fun right there. On top of that, I have to work at TVC tomorrow night and seeing as how I've been extra sick this weekend, my first night on TV will have to wait for another week or two which kind of upsets me but there's nothing I can do about it.

I came home this past weekend to spend my "birthday" with my family and with Lyndi. I asked for just one thing and I got exactly what I asked for...

Anchorman on DVD! Ha..Thank you so much Lyndi! I love you!

Mom and Dad gave me money to put down for a deposit on an apartment in May and Brett gave me Wedding Crashers on DVD.

Saturday I went to eat at Toot's with the family and hung out with them watching the UT vs Ole Miss basketball game.

Saturday night I went over to Lyndi's and we ate pizza and watched Wedding Crashers and I just stayed over there for a while until she got tired and wanted to go to bed. Saturday, while not my real birthday, was awesome and close enough to having a real birthday. It was great.

Sunday morning I woke up to being sick, which sucked, but my mom fixed me chicken and creamed potatoes so I was feeling better in a matter of minutes. That is, until I couldn't eat anymore.

Ate some cake and ice cream, went and told Thumper bye, and made my way back up here.

So as for what I'm doing on my actual birthday? After my classes end at 1:10, I'm going to come back here, nap for a while, go somewhere to eat alone for my birthday dinner, go to work at TVC, then treat myself to ice cream or some more food. It's not the ideal birthday but under what I have to work with, it's what I want to do. Outback sounds they take Bonus Bucks? :-)

I'm tired, sick, and have to study. Happy Birthday to me and to Graham Wells. I haven't seen you in a while man but how could I forget my birthday brother?

Enjoy #13 Tennessee at Kentucky Tuesday night on ESPN.

I co-hosted Hot Topix tonight on LIVE TV. It was awesome. If you go to UT it's on Channels 12 and 62 at 8:00 Monday nights. Watch it, call in, and enjoy. We talk about whatever we want, make fun of whoever we want, and's a random show.



Nathan Moore

February 05 2006
Happy Birthday, man!

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

February 06 2006
Oh yeah! Definitely can't forget the Birthday Brothers! Happy Kyle and Graham Day!


February 06 2006
Happy Birthday.