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September 29 2006
Oh my Goodness!!!!! MY SISTER IS HOMECOMING QUEEN!!!! AHHHHHHHH... i was so happy i started crying like a crazy person! she's soooo beautiful((inside and out))... i love her to death...anyways congratulate her!!
by the way..we lost the game :( haha
this week has been crazy. Variety Show went good we had so worn out though... I'm so glad it's Fall Break !
everybody have a good ya keaton!

Carla Simpson

September 29 2006
it was surprising, but nice, to see you the other day! tell your sister i said congrats and your mom hello!


September 30 2006
That's amazing! She deserves it.

Randy Rodden

September 30 2006
Your sister is BEAUTIFULL!!! That's why I voted for her! Tell her I said that she deserved it twice as much as anyone that I could think of! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

justin daniels

September 30 2006
Was your brother or uncle or someone there? lol. Cause liek I was right next to some guy with a beard who cheered the loudest for Kelsey and he was talkin to someone next to him bout how her mom was homecoming queen and stuff. Congratulations on her winning! Have a good fall break Honeybun! lol

Stacy Freeman

October 02 2006
awwww yeah for kels!! thats awesome! well i had fun at the sleep over! wooo hoo!! good times. haha i love you keaton!!