Alrighty then...

July 28 2005
Ok so today is going ok so far. I woke up, I can drive again because i am of my pain killers. (like they helped anyway) I got my 2 older sisters b-day presents, i got my hair cut and i took my sisters letter jacket in for dry-cleaning. OMG they charge $25 for that stupid jacket but then again i kinda tore it up in the 2yrs i wore it so i owe my sister that. Anyways i'm here now and i'm bored... whats today? the... uh.. 28th? So that means only 11 or maybe 12 days until my birthday!!! *yay for me* buh bye 4 now.. movie time! :-)>
~More funnyz~
-I'm so hungry, i'm farting fresh air!
-I don't suffer from insanity: I enjoy every minute of it!
-Some people are alive only because God told me it was illegal to kill. (*darn*)


July 28 2005
Hmm...yes, I enjoy insanity too.^^ Cheers! Why were you on pain killers? o.O?