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July 16 2005
So i think that i could definitly find a much better picture for my profile but to lazy to actually do any of that.. I'm sooo tired and I got church tomorrow, of course so do millions of others. I feel really bad for our summer interns though, they have to be there at 7:45 and I don't even get up til like 8 - 8:15ish then i dont leave til 8:45. My poor friend Chris is an intern and he lives about 35 minutes from the church. :-)> hahaha! Ok, only 1 more week of baby sitting to go and $196 more dollars to earn! *yeah baby* I miss my AWANA and choir kids, I can't wait to see them all again. If only we could start that up again but skip school! It's 10:14p.m. and i'm tired.. that doesn't make sense?!?!?! I'm gonna aply for a job at the YMCA, i hope i get it! I need the money. Alrightly then, good night!
p.s. I'm gonna put up my non-good pictures of Lifehouse!


July 16 2005
hmm. =] AWANA is awesome! Too bad I've only got 1 more year to go though. ='(