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July 10 2005
hello! i think i'm getting it! ok then church was awsome today... but i really needed to talk to my youth minister Russell and he wasn't there, ugg.
for Amy: Russell, Aric, and Wes all have i think 2yr olds now. for the summer we're experimenting and changed wed. to tues. so that we can go to big church on wed. with everybody else. we have 5 interns this summer plus our year round intern (= 6) and if you knew/know Ben Niscavits he married our present yr round intern... humm what else? Likeminds split up, very sad. Aric still plays and is currently trying to get some people together to form the Aric Harding band and i graduate next year! class of "06!!! *yeah baby* i'm soooo excited! well, i miss you! ttyl
e-mail me sometime @ ke_sue@yahoo.com it'd probley be easier


July 11 2005
Ha ha... two year olds... craziness!!! I want to see them so bad! Aric was in Nashville last year and I wanted to see him sooooo bad but I had school and it didn't work out. Ben got married... wow... lol. That is very sad that Likeminds split up... they were so awesome! Well tell the guys I said hey!