Some scattered thoughts for all thinkers...

March 06 2006

My sisters baby shower went good. It was truely boring.

Spring break is in 4 days! *yeah baby* I can't wait... I'm so excited. Hopefully I won't work much because i've got plans to go to the beach, along with every other high school kid on their spring break... humm..

Prom is April 8th. My goodness thats close. I'm going for the friends and some photo oppurtunities. It'll be fun. Unfortunatly my sisters dress didn't fit so I actually have to go shopping,blah, i hate shopping. i hate dresses, but i'll go find one, buy it and wear it just for heck of it.


I wish I could go back in time and change some of the things I really messed up. I also wish I could rewind life to go back to the fun days when life was simple. Ice cream and climbing trees... gosh, why'd life have to get so hard? It feels like the last 4 yrs of high school have flown by so quick. It seems like if sit back and try to actually enjoy life, i'll just get swept away from the flow of traffic.

And the multi-million dollar questions are:
Why does everything have to change?
Why do we have to change?
Why do we make things so difficult to where we sit there in our "free time" and wish that we had done things differently?
Whats wrong with us that we try and fail and then beat ourselfs up on the inside 4 months later because we know that if we had kept on working at it then we might have had a chance on actually making it? Being able to say "I did that!"

Life is cruel....