Praise God for He is good

February 22 2006

So like I had said before, Journey was great!!!

I feel different. Well I guess not feel but I can tell a difference. It's cool.

Something odd: I work at a Christian Book Store and yeah we play music and whatnot, usually something soft like Hillsong or Jars of Clay. I like to "dance to the music while I work which i'm sure totally freaks out everybody around me but I can't help it. After this weekend, I found myself wanting to raise my hands at work as i'm singing along with the songs. I swear people think i'm crazy so I usually stop after I realize what i'm doing. This makes me feel bad because i feel ashamed for not praising God like I would at church. Ugg, lifes difficult.
This kinda feels like one of those "Oprah or Dr. Phil, what am I supposed to do?" type posts... hummm.

Well anyways, much love to everybody.


February 22 2006
God is Good......All the Time