February 14 2006
I take back what I said in my previous post. Well, not all of it. Aric did not enter into a U2 contest, he entered into Bon Jovi's contest. blah... did I spell his name right? That doesn't look  right to me..
Well I don't like Valentines Day. Having a special day set aside to buy chocolates and flowers for your special someone is rediculous. If you were soooo much in love like you say you are then ya'll would do stuff like that for each other every once in awhile. Just something fun planned or bought for maybe the next time you talk and all they're saying is how bad their day has been... blah, blah, blah... You suddenly surprise them  with a little extra something that totally makes their day. If theirs a day set aside for it, it doesn't seem that special. It's like you know it's coming. My way, you  can't be disapointed. You Valentine obbessed peoples way, you'll be disapointed if either you don't get what you want or don't get anything at all. YOU'RE CRAZY.
Today is also known as Single Awareness Day.
Have a good day everyone. I could talk forever about how rediculious this day is but unfortumitly the bell is about to ring.
Buh Bye