September 27 2006
im happy. w/ my life...    no one can mess it up...i've learned to not worry bout the small things... and to brush it off... i learned not to worry bout guys when they "break ur heart" b/c im only 17 and they arent worth it... i need my zach.... the only guy who respects and accepts me for who i am.... he will be mine...

peace... love... happyness..

Jonathan Allmon

September 27 2006
I didn't break your heart. You stomped on mine and made me a laughing stock of the entire store. I thought everything was going to be great until I got that call. Then I thought she'll call me back and everything will be alright. But no, you went out with Frenchie and ruined all my hopes and dreams of us getting married next summer and us living together. I did respect you and I loved you for who you were but obviously that wasn't good enough. Hope things work out in your last year in school. ~Jonathan Aric