Back from Facebook and Myspace

August 08 2007

Tomorrow is use on pondering that.


I want to use this again, nobody really uses it that I know.

So it would be a great time to put random stuff on here

I have a MySapce, Facebook, and a LastFm account.

Why? I used to be addicted to Xanga, then MySpace. And now its starting to be Facebook that I'm addicted to.

Am I in a state of going to and from the next big thing?

Phusebox is a cool place. Its not really conforming to anything for the mainstream.

I like the draw of it


But I play hockey for Blackman High, I have a great girlfriend named Rachel, I like music such as Death From Above 1979, TV On The Radio, Chin Up Chin Up, Alexisonfire, and Fear Before The March Of Flames. Movies are cool I like Stranger Than Fiction to crappy movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space. Books are cool for me America (The Book) by Jon Steward and Animal Farm by George Orwell are my favorites.


I am an independant political party. Basically I agree on some things that Repo men say and Demos say. But I think Ralph Nader is amazing, and not just because its funny to say either.


Well tell me about what you think about anything I've said, its going to be a long school year.