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July 15, 2006

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anything about the predators, getting to know people better, doing things of importance in 2nd period, nhl, women, movies, music, being a "skate gaurd",


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although phusebox kills xanga. this is no longer any fun, and i get way more comments on xanga. but nathan is a genious and i applaud him for what hes done here. and so i guess ill see you all later.
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Vokoun\'s first shut out of the season.

I\'ve never seen vokoun player. and i know this probably sounds fake. but even in the first period i called it. i knew he was going to pull it through. of course i didnt say it. because im only superstitious when it comes to hockey lol.

Vernon Fiddler gave us a huge boost with his late first period goal. and boy was it nice or what. streaking down the right side, backhand around a defense to a quick change to forehand and bada bing bada boom. then it was 1-0 for the rest of the game. well at least until hartnell and i think kariya made a beautiful tic-tac-to passing. it was sweet. and i almost fell over the railing when i jumped up. lol dad had to save me. but it was so pretty. chris simon and darren macarty are jokes. and jamie allison and darcy hordichuck would have killed them. i loved seeing dan hamhuis and even marek zidlicky getting fierce. it was great. and whats his erat and sully throwing their bodies in to the boards and stuff. im loving it. darcy hordichuck had the best shift he\'s ever had, minus the time he scored that goal. two huge checks on macarty and another ducking, crushing hit. it was superb. dan the man will stand up to anyone. to let you know.

mrs. jackson called me mom, and said i need to get my act together.

i work thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.

i\'m so close to being done with my drama film project, and im tempted to say its the best thing ive ever done. im so proud.

cars in the shop. im driving the goofy baja. lol dang. no women getting in that vehicle.

playing today. i think were playing a team of 20 year olds, one of them being seans teacher? lol awkward? yes.

i am now going to try and play college hockey.

r.e.m is my hero.

All The Right Friends\"

I know you say
Maybe some day
I need never be alone
I know I say
It\'s the right way
But you\'ll never be the one

I\'ve been so alone now
For a long long, long time
I don\'t wanna hang out now
With the folks that just stopped by

While you party
You\'ve been looking
But your searching never ends
You\'ve been going
With the wrong crowd
You\'ve got all the right friends

I\'ve been walking alone now
For a long, long time
I don\'t want to spend now
With the folks...that just aren\'t mine

I don\'t wanna be with you anymore
I just don\'t want you anymore
I don\'t wanna be with you anymore
I just don\'t want you anymore
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this is a revolution of the mind

So i guess its customary to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving on thanksgiving day. it was the most emotional thanksgiving dinner ever. lol dont think ive seen so many of my family members cry at one time. but its was good i guess. my dad is a champ.

Officer Hanson: Something else funny?
Peter: [laughing] People, man......people.

so i hear the predators won on thanksgiving day. thats what im thankful for. lol no im joking. but really i am but thats not all. i\'d feel too cliched if i went into everything im thankful for. so ill sum it up with a word. skate center.

lol no im joking. the word is life.

but tomorriw i plan on buying some jeans on the busiest shopping day of the year. lol isnt that cool. and i get to work. excellent. i am the only person in the world besides mother tersea who likes their job. right? maybe lance armstrong and garth brooks.

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get
when you mess with us.

chris and i rule at everything. and then some.

see ya around.
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lol the things i do to myself.

i messed things up considerably quick considering all the time i spent on it. lol but ive always been good at that.

i guess people didnt like my song on the last entry. lol thats alright.
today is the first day of thanksgiving break. i work tomorrow. excellent.
juniors won the pep rally. wooo? lol i wasnt into it.
i will go buy some shoes now.

everyone wish jiri fischer luck.
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\"just\" - radiohead

can\'t get the stink off,
he\'s been hanging around for days.
comes like a comet,
suckered you but not your friends.
one day he\'ll get to you,
teach you how to be a holy cow.

you do it to yourself you do
and that\'s what really hurts is
you do it to yourself just you,
you and no-one else
you do it to yourself.

don\'t get my sympathy hanging out the 15th floor.
you\'ve changed the locks 3 times,
he still comes reeling through the door.
and soon he\'ll get to you,
teach you how to get to purest hell.

you do it to yourself you do
and that\'s what really hurts is
you do it to yourself just you,
you and no-one else
you do it to yourself
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