September 23 2005
i dont really know what to update about nothing interessting going on but hopefully i will be at Seigel soon i got my papers to go. I am just tired of Oakland and the people there!

I feel in love quick
I feel in love deep
It has gotten so bad where i cant go to sleep
I lay in my bed wishing you could hold me
Still on my mind the sweet things that you told me
You leave me excited at school
Cant wait to get home to talk to you
You seem so perfect like a dream come true
Now all I want is to just be with you
I have never felt this way before
And yet you still try to say
"I love you more"

i got bored !

zachary brooker

September 24 2005
hmmm really now...

Jordan Taylor

September 24 2005
lol ight see ya round

zachary brooker

September 24 2005
umm kinda yeah... more than we use to be.... are yall?


September 25 2005
Yeah I totally understand about Oakland and the people there. After this last year of kids graduates then Oakland is really REALLY gonna suck. After the split with Siegel Oakland only had like 3, maybe 4 really good classes left, then it was just a countdown. Just go into Seigel with an open mind though... it'll be a loot different than Oakland. Though this means I probably won't see you around as often if you're awy over there X(


September 25 2005
already seen you like 5 times so only one of us is looking.


September 28 2005
ha, the worst part is I was a senior last year. I've just been over there for sooo many different things this year it's not even funny. I keep getting invited back. "oh! you have to come to this!" or "come see is during class.


September 29 2005
hey thats cool, siegel is a pretty good school, well for the most part.

♥Chandelle Nicole

October 03 2005
Dang everyone is talking about going 2 Siegel. Well hope your happy in your choice. I

Chris Slate,

October 07 2005
that was a random comment...but i liked it

Nathan Bailey

October 16 2005
Hey cutie, Whats up?

Chris Slate,

October 20 2005
so basically u need to update... !!!... but i still wuv my brittywittypoo... lol