October 21 2005
well i havent wrote in this in a while because im pretty much bored with it .. but I am really happy lately because me and this guy are talking and he is so amazing everything i have been waiting for I finally got it and i wouldn`t have it any other way.. and im going to be in the Miss Patriot thing lol that will be interesting.. but im gunna go leave me sumthin!


September 23 2005
i dont really know what to update about nothing interessting going on but hopefully i will be at Seigel soon i got my papers to go. I am just tired of Oakland and the people there!

I feel in love quick
I feel in love deep
It has gotten so bad where i cant go to sleep
I lay in my bed wishing you could hold me
Still on my mind the sweet things that you told me
You leave me excited at school
Cant wait to get home to talk to you
You seem so perfect like a dream come true
Now all I want is to just be with you
I have never felt this way before
And yet you still try to say
"I love you more"

i got bored !


September 15 2005
wow i am happy again dang i love all of my friends !! i ad a great day and i night i finally got to see my bestfriend Mitchy Pooh and Ash is finally happy again too.. ah things are starting to look up now.

im done

September 09 2005
wow now i have deffinately made up my mind about what i DO want and what i DONT I DEFFINATELY DO NOT want a guy anymore forget that.... i do miss being with someone but i got over that .... dont you hate when you find out things that you wish you wouldn`t of heard at all???? yeah ruins everything that you thought might be good but idk i might be wrong! but that is all im thinking about right now hopefully Me, Lauren,Jake,Skip , Kolbe will have fun at tha movies tonite make my day BETTER !!

cunfused && lonely

September 07 2005
have you ever felt like you cant get over tha one that hurt you tha most... even though you want to get over them you just cant let them go.. seing them with someone else would hurt you even if you was with somebody else too!! I cant seem to get over him I feel like i have lost tha perfect guy for tha rest of my life....

There will always be that one guy where
no matter how much he hurts you you'll
never be able to let HIM go

um idk

September 02 2005
just g0t 0n3 0f th3s3 b/c i was 3xtra b0r3d but i pr0lly w0nt writ3 much !