cheefin at school

February 28 2006
so yeah im at school doin posters for prom in mrs.penny's 4th period class with shaffana, b,and jessica when all of a sudden i smell the hallway and it smells like weed. lavergne is hella crazy  and i wanna go to blackman or somethin. its so stupid here. maybe im just havin a bad day. not becuz of the weed or anything but other stuff. oh well.

The stalker strikes again

February 27 2006
ok so i go to rcktwn on saturday night becuz my friends are b-boys & there r like bands goin on and i go over to see who's playin and there is this hot ass lead singer. i forgot the bands name but the lead singers name is alexis. so any ways i meet this chick named mischa and she is like mega gnarly and i turn around to talk to one of my friends and there is this girl standing there and she is very pretty but her face was hella familure so i looked a little harder and guess who it was. LAtotheREISA. Dude if that is not crazy has heck. Oh bashville was the shizzle.

well life is gnarly

January 26 2006

ladies and gents.How is everybodys 06 goin? well its been a mega 2006 so far me. So yea my friend Brian Lovato(the ymca cop) turned 17 on 1-21-2006 so he had a birthday party and later that night his kick ass cousin came over and some more of our kick ass friends and then we went to snookers in antioch. when we got there it was like the whole asian posse was there. They were like mega deep and they were like cool as heck. then we went to steak and shake and we had a crazy waitress, a hostess that had like an anime girls body, and a cook named cleophus. you do the math! it was hella fun.

if you like cheeseburgers, then youll love this

December 31 2005

wats up my fellow gangsters....i hope everyone has a happy new year and just has hella fun cuz i know i am. ummm no drinking and drivin and eat as many potatoes as possible.

chicken stew

November 22 2005

ok so umm my mega gnarly ghetto crush bianca is goin out with this guy that I know. that sucks like bad dude. I dont ever date or even consider dating black girls and when i do i get shot down. She is the one giving me a kiss in that pic. well theres always