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April 18, 2006

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god, ramen, my trick pony cd and just chillaxion with my homies. I dont have a pet and my neighbor calls me chuck.


i love almost anything that wasnt made by a rapper. I said almost. some stuff is cool but mostly I listen to rock, punk rock, emo, indie, country, christian metal, jazz, and electric punk, korean pop, bollywood and anything i can just rock out to.


I love anything that can make me laugh my piss my pants or scare the shit out of me. basiclly anything that makes me have to use the


Books have to be very intresting. Like cat in the hat or complex like green eggs and ham.

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well life is gnarly

ladies and gents.How is everybodys 06 goin? well its been a mega 2006 so far me. So yea my friend Brian Lovato(the ymca cop) turned 17 on 1-21-2006 so he had a birthday party and later that night his kick ass cousin came over and some more of our kick ass friends and then we went to snookers in antioch. when we got there it was like the whole asian posse was there. They were like mega deep and they were like cool as heck. then we went to steak and shake and we had a crazy waitress, a hostess that had like an anime girls body, and a cook named cleophus. you do the math! it was hella fun.

February 25, 2006
reis. said

ohhh my god.
you have no idea how cool tonight was, haha.
I can't believe it.
and you know my girrrrl, micsha.
she's amazing.
haha, we should so try to hang out sometime.
peace out, "stalker" [I kid, I kid, haha..] [:

by the way, you can leave messages on my cell [that I won't have] at 4002511.. I check my messages several times a day, so yeah..

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