my final thought thought

November 06 2008

... sigh.


not really my final thought but it sure feels like it.

I've felt like I still have my "God Shaped Hole" in my heart.

and I've tried to fill it...


you know like those little kid toys that you have to match the object with the shape and put it in the right shaped hole.

I feel like I've been trying to place all the wrong things in it. And I feel like I don't know where I'm going.

I know what I want I just don't know how to get there,

I know where I wanna be but I'm lost in my own direction.

I don't know who I am.

It's like I'm lost but I'm not?

I plan on getting right with God, but I'm learning how.

I feel like I've been doing what I should do, but there's something missing.

Like what's my motivation?



And now I'm realizing it's the

-unconditional love






 -my one and only father

-the mother I miss out on

-the arms that are open