Can you feel the Pressure?

August 05 2008

So the title has to do with what I'm going to "type" about in my thought.

I've noticed a major difference in a lot of my friends and the way they express there selves. It sorta turns my stomach a little.

God should be the only one influencing our descions on life, or with our relationships with our peers or loved ones.

And I believe people with a higher power or in a leadership postition should have a good heart and be in the right place with God.

It reminds me of a story in the bible about those Teachers with the scroll boxes on there for heads, and they'd teach about Christ vividly and told you about God. Then they would Lust after women and do the opposite of their teaches and then God said "Do as they SAY not as they are doing, for they are not Glorifying the Kingdom of God"

And if God was saying that I was doing wrong, don't follow Kaelynn, I would be embarassed. And I would want people to see God in me. Not see a person they no longer recognize. And I recently discovered that if you are a "True Christian" you will have the desire in your heart to Not Swear, Lust which in God's eyes is Adultry, Not cheat, Lie. That you will want to be Like God.

God said that we as christians are strangers to the world, Aliens sent to spread to spread the word of God. To not Conform to the ways of the wicked here in this place.

And that's what I've noticed, we've changed. A lot of us are no longer where we need to be with God, and we think we're happy. But then when you realize how incomplete you are with out him....


It's gonna come crashing down... hit you like a bunch of... Football players.


Honestly I do believe in my heart that atleast one person needed to hear an ounce of what I said. And it's not just what I said, it's got some thing that God said too.