This'll be one of those times where you just want it all to come out?

June 08 2008

This is just a good day,

today my best friend Ashely came over.

And she's just made me feel amazing.

Like she always does, I kinda wish that I could

clone her into a male form. So that'd be the man that

God would want me to be with. But until they make a

clone machine, I'll always have my best friend. Even if

they make a clone.

She's always gonna be there.... she's never confused me.

Always been 100% honest, no matter what.

I love that girl, I wonder if God makes boys like that?

If so, do you have to order them? Do they come in a box?

Or is there just the kind I like that never like me back?

I shouldn't say that. But I do.

I'm tired of being the girl guys just lean on.

I want something real. Not like my previous relationships.

I don't want lies. I don't want reruns of the same bull.

I've been praying that God would tell me when I'm

gonna meet him, like when I'm older? Like 30?

Or 20? 40? I just wanna know? But hey....

I'll always have Ashely.