what can I say..

June 03 2008

so I'm feeling good, and confused.

according to my last thought that made no sense I'm sure you all caught the confusion. Well I like him. I've fallen in like with the most confusive guy ever.  And I think he knows.  But I'm 100% unsure about how he feels about me. But I'm use to it. I don't think that dating is like my forte'. And I've probably spelt that wrong. But hey if its meant to happen, it'll happen. Man that's such a cleache' but I guess that's my style. I was pretty mellowed out today. Like I've thought about everything all day. I mean everything, life, dogs, trees, everything.


feels good to be goofy. 

Jacob Wuertz

June 04 2008
spelled forte correctly. A+

Kaelynn Malugin

June 05 2008
horay! Jacob gave me an A+