I'm screaming, are you sure you didn't hear anything?

May 13 2008

try and voice your opinion.



did they hear you?


not a word.

I stop telling adults how I feel,

because they judge me.

I can't have feedom of expression

If they keep tearing me down.

"Let's be normal kids"

what's normality?


Representation of a certain crowd.


Coperate American.

Look like a the teenager they want us to,

uhm I prefer not.

I'll gauge my ears thank you.

I'll chop my hair, even if you mind.

And the more colors, the better.

I'll wear my facial peircings, even if I don't look good.

Looking good doesn't matter to me.

I feel good looking how I do.

because that's just me.

I can still worship God no matter how I look.

Would you deny a boy with Make up if he asked for a Bible?

Would you deny a girl with scars on her wrist if she asked about God?

That boy with make up would learn something.

That girl with scars could feel accepted.

But how would we know, I mean really.

But my opinion doesn't matter.

believe me, I've given all I have.

But it's not good enough.

it never is. 

♥...blue eyes...♥

May 13 2008
this is good and i'm glad you spoke up about this...because i totally agree.