If this is it?

December 06 2007

So I've been thinking? Are Second Chances really...... worth it? I mean come on now? What's the point? Not saying it's unnessasary? I'm not saying that I'm in that situation? But my Friends been trying to get back with her boyfrind and he's all like "Second Chances they don't matter, people never change?" And I totaly agree with him. I mean if they hurt you once, they do it again? It's Just life. But whatever?


I got one of my phones back? But it's my house phone?

Which is wicked awesome! But I want my cell phone.

Anywho. LAST night I just thought about how things use to be, then I started to like wheep. And I'm so thankful things are different. I don't really know how to explain it but there you go.



(I love this song "Until The End of Time." It's Fantastic.)