To Austin & Tyler Lowery (2)

November 19 2007

Okay I'm really bad at writting individual messages,

but I figured I would let you two know, that I adore you both.

You guys were there for me when alot of you other people weren't. And even though you both haven't had hardly any coontact with me since I've been sick, you still stick up for me.

Even though I shoved your face in carpet, and tackled you various numbers of times. (Tyler L.)

And Austin, even when I went through all your stuff and wore your clothes and made fun of you this summer (lol just kidding hun)


And even though you made fun of me tonight for my voice being broked.


I still adore you both...

And Tyler L send me a message telling me when your coming in, I keep forgeting?

♥ eyes...♥

November 20 2007
pshaw know you aren't joking! we really did go through his clothes!!! lol


November 20 2007
Did you guys see my undies draw?

Kaelynn Malugin

December 20 2007
Uhm no we didn't thank god!