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August 26 2006

well today was swell.

slept until 11:30.

had a moo-latte and some fries for lunch.

went rock climbing.

got madden 2007. and a new television


August 27 2006
wow. i didn't know fires were something you could eat. i guess you're just one of those talented circus people. ha. i love you wilbur! i hope you're doing well!


August 27 2006
i wanted to go rock climbing really bad. but instead i got paid $50 to sleep on a couch. hang out soon? _kt


August 27 2006
i just said soon... what? people may get ideas that we are friends... who cares what people think... friends can hang out... that is if that was just an excuse because you just dont want to hang out... gotta get back to work. _kt


August 27 2006
okay thats fine. talk to you later. not trying to be mean...but its not my fault about not going where we said...if you would have just told me that we could only go to BR then that would have been fine...or you could have called them to tell them we were going to BAM. but whatevers fine...i understand they probably arent too fond of me...thats a first lol talk to you later on im sure. _kt