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July 11 2006

 So much shit has been started and I can't take it. It's caused the person I care about the most to hate me. When none of this stuff is true. It just sucks. I want to move out so bad. My parents are still treating me as if I'm 17... REALITY CHECK! I'm 18! I'm getting sick of it. I can't seem to find the right person to get an apartment with. I'm under to much fuckin' stress. Kyle and I are having a hard ass time cuz of some bullshit. I've argued with him for like a fuckin' week straight and it seems like de ja vu again. I can't take it. I'm working almost 40 hours a week and that just about kills me.  I can't trust any of my friends now. Seems like the only ones I can trust are Jamie, Justin, and Laura Savanna. The ones I thought were my friends are back stabbing bitches. One of my good friends was supposed to leave for the Navy today and I haven't even talked to him. I gotta get out damn it. If anyone knows of any places please let me know ASAP. Ok. I feel a little better now...

Michael Van Vliet

September 01 2006
Hey sweety i am in the process of finding a place so hit me up i will send u my new number ok