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Michael Van Vliet

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January 17, 2007

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I love reading, writing, crocheting, and hanging out with friends




Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, All of Piers Anthony's Xanth novels, Any fantasy novel in general normally

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Hell Yeah!!!!!

 I am with the most amazing guy and i dont kno what to say cause its left me speechless.................. I kno that i have to take it slow this time so i hope i dont fuck up some how. I just hope that it finally works cause he is sweet, cute, strong, and real. He is really real and its great cause fake people piss me off.
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 My life is upside down. I am living with my friend mandie and her girlfriend. I am going through boyfriends like i go through sweets, pretty damn fast. I don't like it i miss all my friends from school so much and i haven't heard from any of them in several months. I dated a guy named michael it was a disaster he was a compulsive liar and i t drove me up the fucking wall. what am i to do.
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Good News

I am so happy. I finally got rid of some dead weight                     a.k.a."Mandie Burgett" she is such a bitch that she thinks everything is going to have to be about her. She really needs to get over herself. I am back with my Ex-boyfriend, Jimmy, and everything is running smoothly. He is such a sweet heart he brings me dinner when i have to work late and is very considerate of what i might need and i am trying my best not to fuck up the relationship this time cause i don't want to lose him again. SO all of my high school friends if you still have a life then send a message my way cause it would be great to hear from you again.

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I am depressed my best friend is trying her hardest to ruin the good mood that I finally managed to get into with a bunch of petty shit. This is becoming to hard. I wish it would just end.
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New Guy

   Well, I have a new boyfriend now because the old one got involved in a lot of drug shit.  Brandon is my new boyfriends name, and he is so sweet. I just hope he turns out to be better than my last boy.  I have Prom next weekend I can't wait. I am going to look so good in my tux. Brandon is going to be in a tux. He is so sweet about everything and is very supportive of everything I choose to do as long as it isn't illegal so he supports everthing I do because none of its illegal...listen to me. I am begining to ramble on and on and on...... I am doing it again  so gtg before I start rambling again.
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