sweet sixteen

May 13 2006
                     Be 16 with all of your spirit--
                              Embrace each day. Laugh often.
                         Smile like you mean it.
                                     Let the lovable little girl
                                  you were shine through.

                                 Be 16 with all of your creativity--
                                          Seek your own style.
                                                   Think in your own way.
                                              Dare to be different.
                                   View the world through
                                                          you-colored glasses.

                                       Be 16 with all of your confidence--
                               Believe in how strong you are.
                                            Speak up.
                                   Hold firm.
                                              Make things happen.
                         Know you're trusted, supported, and loved.

                                        Be 16 with all of your integrity--
                                    Stick by your friends.
                                                      Questions your values.
                                             Trust your gut.
                                    Ask yourself, "What do I stand for?"

                   Be 16 with all of your pride--
                                     in who you are, what you believe in,
                             how much you've achieved,
                                            how lovely you are, inside and out.

                                                 Be unique.
                                                           Be yourself.
                                                    Be sweet.
                                                                 Be sassy.


Be 16 with all of your heart!


May 13 2006
<small><br>happpy birthday, girly.

Chelsey Montgomery

May 13 2006
aww happy birthday!! 16 babayy ohh yeahh =] finally. haha i love you <3

Garrett Haynes

May 13 2006
happy sweet 16!


May 17 2006
<small> <Br> <Br>you're welcome. <Br> <br>and it's actually from a song.