God is ALWAYS there

February 07 2006

so.. I was totally prepared to come straight home.. log on to phusebox & rant & rave & yell & scream about how upset I was about how everytime I turn around someone is "in love" or "they have the most amazing boyfriend ever"..... but.... like my title says.... God is ALWAYS there..
as I was logging into phusebox I read the "recently posted" blogs.. which I usually do not do... but I did this time... & this is what one of them said

"Satan has set against every woman from the day of her birth. It's the emotional and spiritual equivalent of leaving a little girl by the side of the road to die. And to every woman he has whispered, You are alone, or, When they see who you really are, you will be alone, or, No one will ever truly come for you...He plays upon a woman's worst fear: abandonmet. He arranges for her to be adandoned, and he puts his spin on everything he can to make it seem like abandonment...
Much of what he allows in your life is not for you to simply accept, but to get you to rise up! God wants you to know how to wield the weapons of warfare, how to take a stand, and how to fight...
And so, dear heart, it is time for your restoration. For there is One greater than your Enemy. One who has sought you out from the beginning of time. He has come to heal your broken heart and restore your feminine soul. Let us now turn to him." -Captivating

& that totally just reassured me & comforted me & took all my doubts awat.... I know THE guy I'm supposed to be with will come eventually.. God hasn't kept me waiting these 2 & 1/2 years for nothing...

something good will happen as long as I keep my trust in God =D

ennazus bmal

February 08 2006
aw elizababy i love you.


February 08 2006
Captivating is an amazing book. And God does have someone very special waiting for you!

Chris Slate,

February 13 2006
yeh i have a permit... just no license... haha