my first wreck...

January 15 2006

so i know i updated just a few days ago... BUT.. i thought i should update on my wreck i had today...

sooooo.. i was on manchester hwy. turning left onto irby ln. to go to my house & i was stopped because traffic was pretty heavy & out of no where i look in my rearview mirror & i see this old grandma with 2 children & 2 other old women in the car & shes going like.. 40...  & she doesnt look like shes going to stop anytime soon... so i yell "DON'T HIT MEEEEE!" & then  she hits me.... going 40.. she didnt even attempt to slow down! AHH i was SO mad.. because it was in MYYYYYY car.. the car i got just 3 months ago... & its mine & i was SO mad... so the police came & i was crying & it was just bad.... & not to mention in the car with me was my dad & sister & storey.. oh goodness it was scary though... & then the old lady didnt even say sorry or anything! she didnt even ask if we were okay! ugh.. & now my car needs a whole new license plate ( you cant even make out what mine says anymore) & the light that goes above the license plate.... & there are some pretty noticeable scratches on my bumper....

ugghhhh.. but anyway... i just thought you would all like to know about my first wreck while i was driving.. haha.. even though it was just a fenderbender.. nothing serious.. it was still scary... & i'm not hurt or anything.. just extremely tired & my back hurts a little... but nothing serious..

anyway! everyone enjoy their day off tomorrow!

Storey & I


January 15 2006
old women are slow. <br>in the head. <Br>duh. <Br> <Br>sorry about your car.

Chelsey Montgomery

January 16 2006
aww im glad your okay swetie!! <br>thats a good pic of you 2. <br>y'all are so cute. <br>love ya. &hearts;


January 16 2006
Glad you're ok! Even small wrecks can be pretty scary!

ennazus bmal

January 18 2006
aw i'm sorry lizbefff!

&#9829;Chandelle Nicole

January 20 2006
Awe I remember my first wreck. & the guy hit me head on. & it was my car 2. Yeah it is scarey. Anyways... glad 2 hear your okay. Well I love you girl. God bless, *+*Chandelle Nicole*+*