Wacky Wednesday

April 10 2007

Had a series of meetings at work yesterday.  One was extremely important and had to do with emergency planning.  I have been quite frustrated at the lack of vision, focus and progress on this very important subject - and had expressed my frustration to various folks, including our country manager.  Yesterday when the group presented what was supposedly the near final product ... I had had enough ... for months we had continued to try to refine and finalize a package that did not meet our corporate guidelines nor met the country requirements ... its like heading down the wrong road and refusing to turn ... but thinking that by driving forward it will somehow take you to the right place.

So, I told the meeting attendees exactly what I was thinking and what I thought the go forward plan should be.  Interestingly enough, it was like a sigh of relief for the folks ... as they had sensed they were "lost in the wilderness" but didn't know how to admit it nor to fix it.  Now and soon, unfortunately, I will have even more work to do ... to help these folks ... but it is something I must do.  I hate building emergency plans ... but I know how to do it ... know what needs to be done ... and embrace its importance.

** Che, about your audition .... we will wait for the results.  Making a mistake on sight reading is not the end, nor is it the only factor being considered.

As for our interviews for a replacement driver, none of the 3 showed up - seems only 1 called and requested a rescheduled, because he couldn't get off work to come interview.  The other 2 were "no shows" and without saying anything to us.  Decy told the 2 not to bother coming for an interview.  The other 1 (that did call) has another chance. Guess we better go hunting for a few more folks to interview - so we have some choices.  Wish this wasn't "dumped" on Decy - but I am not much help in this area.

Gotta run ... ciao ciao