Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder ...

April 08 2007

Yikes ... although I have logged on a number of times over the past week and have emailed my family on various subjects, I just realized that I hadn't blogged in nearly a week - that's getting into the league of my sons.

In reality, not much to blog about right now.  Wiwi, our maid left on 6-9 months maternity leave (no story there).  Regarding drivers, we are still at 1 plus using Decy's brother part time.  Decy has several interviews scheduled today for a new driver - I'll keep you posted on that.

On Saturday, we finally received our remaining 5 chairs back from the furniture maker.  They refinished the chairs and they look better.  Decy is unhappy about the "feet" ... the chairs squeak when you move them.  She had asked them to put rubber feet on the bottom.  On half of chairs they used soft rubber/foam ... on the others they used hard plastic (which still sqeaks).  Decy will just go buy the supplies she needs and fix the chairs herself.  We decided to close out this saga (after 6 months) ... and she paid the furniture manufacturer in full.

I think it was a quiet weekend here in Jakarta - there, however, some concern about the holiday weekend and potential attacks on churches.  I did not receive an emergency warden call, so there must not have been any major problems ... but I'll know more when I get to the office today.

Lately (as in the last 2 months), Decy, the girls and I have been watching the TV series Gilmore Girls.  They like it a lot ... for me ... its ok .... we made it through Season 5 ... which was all we had ... so I ordered Season 6 from Amazon.com.  It arrived last week ... so we spent quite a bit of time relaxing and watching it.  Not exactly what I had planned for the weekend ... but I was relaxing nontheless.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I have a telephone conference with folks in Houston.  The person who set this up must not be thinking about commuting ... as the call is at 6am our time .... which means you either come to work incredibly early or incredibly late.  If you come early - commuting time will be 20-30 minutes ... but you have to leave at the house at 515am - to be in the office, at the desk, on the phone by 6am.  If you come late ... it will be a 60-90 minute commute.  MORON.  Of course, having to use a driver means my driver (Yono) will have to get up as early as I do ... 330am ... to get here in time.

The opera at Hotel Mulia is this weekend ... we have the dresses and tux ready ... as you can appreciate ... Saturday will be "hair day" at the salon.

Really not much to say ... so I will quit rambling and take care of some other business.

ciao ciao


April 09 2007
and saturday will be my ACT test too....aahhh...nervous!! =[


April 09 2007
i meant it will be the day where im gna do my ACT test