Hump Day

April 03 2007

Friday's a holiday and today is Wednesday ... so, I'm already well into hump day.  Of course, after today (due to work issues) I will desperately need the weekend.

It amazes me that so many people waste so much time trying to argue why they are special and shouldn't have to follow the rules.  What is particularly annoying is when you have an "ugly American" who thinks they don't have to follow the "stupid" Indonesian rules and then berates and yells at people for months like a spoiled brat.  We have one such individual at my office.

We have an issue where somebody when against specific and direct guidance from our country manager - and broke a rule.  Upon getting his hands slapped he immediately hurled the problem (Liz - notice I used the word hurl ?) over the fence to several other departments.  Yesterday, things came to a head and he started telling me I was causing problems and I just needed to fix things and move on ... of course, that is not in my power to do.  We had a VERY STRONG conversation and I made it very clear that I was not responsible for cleaning up his mess.

This man sent a one line email that (although not vulgar) gave the impression that everybody is stupid and he is the in the right.  He made the mistake of copying one of the highest people in our company in Indonesia.  That recipient, who I report to, knows exactly what is going on ... so he sends some instructions regarding how we are supposed to deal with this ahem "gentleman" and copies our country manager.  This issue (which didn't have to happen) is becoming explosive and divisive ... thing is, this man is so arrogant he still thinks he is in the right .... and that it is everybody else's responsibility to clean up his mistake.  I suspect he is going to soon be doing a "mea culpa" in front of the country manager.

Stay tuned ... gotta get to work.

ciao ciao