Spring Break / Monday Morning

March 25 2007

At Jakarta International School, this week is "Spring Break".  That's a bit odd given that we are in the southern hemisphere, which really means it is either (a) fall, or (b) the dry season.  But, guess they didn't want to refer to it as Easter Break ... although they could call it "mid term break".  Anyway, the girls are off from school this week.

I was wanting to take most of the week off and go out of town.  However, between shifting workloads and recent transportation catastrophe's here in Indonesia, we elected to stay in town.   Nevertheless, I am taking off Thursday and Friday.  We have (free) vouchers for 4 nights at hotel Le Meridian (2 we won, 2 were part of a "priority club" pkg).  So, Decy, the girls and I are going to stay at Le Meridian on Thursday and Friday nights .... relax, eat out together, do something different.

As for this past weekend, I did not hash.  Just didn't have the strength in me to go running for 1-1.5 hours especially without someone going with me.  Picked up my tux on Saturday, the sizing and cut is perfect.  But, its a bit big on me in the waist due to recent weight loss - but it is fine and I will "grow into it" over the next weeks and months.

As to the saga of our driver Mustofa, Decy and I have been in long conversations.  We have carefully reviewed his employment contract.  It is not clear that we could suspend him without pay ... and common practice is suspension with pay during investigations .... so, he will be paid his base salary for the past 4 days .... but not any overtime he might have earned.  Decy and I have talked through all the issues - we have determined that the trust that he broke/lost is irreparable.  The emotional trauma he has put Decy through is substantial and not something she will easily get over.  If he is willing to use "majic" to manipulate his job situation, then obviously he is not focussing on doing a good (being safe, and providing a quality service).

Pak Mustofa has been asked to be at our house today (Monday) at 9am for a meeting.  Decy will have 1 or 2 family members here as witnesses (I'm not much good due to the language barriers).  Decy will give Pak Mustofa:  (1) his 3 month evaluation (Jan-Mar), (2) a summary of the situation and showing how he violated 3 of the employment requirements - resulting in termination, effective immediately, and (3) a document that states that he has been fully compensated for his work and has no financial claim against us.  Decy and Pak Mustofa will sign documents #2 and #3.  Document #2 will also have a witness.  As you can appreciate - Decy had a lot of work to do pulling together the appropriate documentation.

** not sure how the meeting will go; it will clearly be stressful and emotional.  Please pray for Decy.

>>> I need to wrap up so I can go to work in a few minutes.

ciao ciao