Quiet Saturday

March 23 2007

Today I was supposed to go to the hash with my friend Hubert, but he can't make it.  Probably just as well ... and I won't go either ... although I am feeling much better, the road to recovery is slow and (a) my strength clearly is down, and (b) my weight still hasn't stablized (down another 1.5 pounds) since Thursday ... in spite of Decy shoving tons of food in me yesterday.

I hear the tailor is done with my tux - maybe we will pick it up today.  No doubt it will be a bit big on me ... but that is fine by me ... I won't be at this weight forever (at least I hope that). Yesterday I read on the internet that vests with tuxes are in ... and cumberbunds are "so 80's" ..... hmmmm .... my tux doesn't have a vest.

I may go for a massage today ... to loosen up my sore body.

As many of you know, I have been playing around with Yahoo Voice lately as an alternative to calling folks at $1.25/minute.  Overall I am really impressed - things don't work well when I'm trying to run Messenger and Voice and the video cam ... but I'm more than happy to "just talk" for $0.01-0.02/minute.  Got up this morning and found a "voice message" from Paul.   Trying to learn how he did that (not sure what he activated on his side) ... but a very nice way to get a message to me without having to type or make an international phone call .... stay tuned.

ciao ciao