March 21 2007

As some of you know, yesterday I was able to activate and test Yahoo Voice. Overall quality is pretty good with about 80% of the time a near perfect sound (even calling from Indonesia to a US handphone) ... the other 20% was garbled, but not a particularly big deal.  For the garbled times, that generally was associated with times when my PC fan came on ... so it may have been due to background noise - a headset should help in this regard. Cost of calling is about $0.01 per minute.

Yahoo Voice also has a "call in" feature where family could call me ... basically, for $30/yr I would set up a US-based phone number (thru Yahoo) and anybody could call me and ring the computer.  There is also a wireless Yahoo phone that then allows you to "untether" from the PC.  A friend is going to test that process in a couple weeks when his phone arrives.  If it works, I may follow suit.  In the meantime, at now I have a way to call family at a reasonable price. Also, prices to other countries are nearly a cheap and typically run in the $0.02 to $0.08 per minute range.

I'm also trying to play around with sitesbygeeks.  Its not particularly complicated, but it isn't intuitive to me either. I've done a test blog and actually (accidently, sort of) posted a pic in it .... I had used the "tree" icon that Chris told me about but got confused and nothing happened ... but there was a option below that which added the pic. Adding pics to a gallery is much more straightforward to me.  Anyway, I'm learning.

Went on antibiotics on Sunday - just couldn't overcome the stomach bug on my own.  Can't recall if the issue has been ongoing 3 weeks or 4 weeks ... but enough's enough.  Antibiotics are working - stomach is sensitive but stablizing ... now if only my weight would - it has continued to drop all week.  This thing has cost me 10 pounds ... which has made getting a tux made quite a challenge as my size keeps changing (shrinking) so the tailor doesn't know whether or not to "tighten up" the tux or not ... I've told him to leave some room for when I "return to normality" otherwise, I'll end up with a beautiful but too small tux.

Gotta run ... time for work.

ciao ciao