Holidays Are Over !!!

January 08 2007

Even if my calendar didn't show it ... I can tell by the traffic.  Yesterday morning traffic to the office was very erratic and jerky ... it was clear that people were coming back from the holidays and hadn't yet gotten into the "groove" of driving.  Then last night .... there was an extra 15-20 minutes tacked on to the commute time.  I suspect this will continue to grow throughout the week ... and by next Monday a 1-1.5 hour (sometimes 2 hr) commute will be the normal.

*** And Rayshielda makes 3 ... huh?  what?  Well, that is what I think her name is.  On 2-January ... David and Anna had their second child .... which is now my third grandchild. Watch out Poppy ... I'm catching up fast !!!  I understand that mom and baby are doing fine.  They are over in Ungungpandang (Makassar) ... so we haven't seen the baby yet.  We will need to run (fly) over there sometime when things settle down.

Speaking of babymaking ... seems that our maid Wiwi is pregnant ... she is due in August (perhaps we haven't been working them hard enough).  Obviously that changes our plans a bit around the house ... however, we were wanting to hire a 3rd person for the house anyway (as we think the house and yard is too much work for 2 people; but, perhaps not) ... and had visited with Wiwi and Nunung about that in Nov/Dec.   We invited them to bring in one of their family members that they could work cooperatively with.

So, this past weekend "Sumi" a young lady joined our big happy family.  She's about the size of Wiwi (Chris and Paul can relate to that) but has probably an extra 3-4 pounds on her.

Decy gives the staff nicknames ... Wiwi is already short ... Nunung is called Nunu ... Mulyono is called Yono ... and Mustafa is called Stafa.  Now, Decy is calling Sumi ... Mimi ... the alternative was Susu ... but we clearly cannot use that ... Susu in Bahasa Indonesia slang means "breasts".

And for those folks that STILL want an email ... sorry ... not this morning ... BUT, I still and always LOVE YOU .... he he he ....

ciao ciao