January 04 2007

Chris and Paul should be arriving home about now ... although I don't expect to hear from them right away.

As for me, really not much to write about. Work was a simple "ok" yesterday - not really great given that it was a cancelled vacation day.  However, Decy made it home safely ... and she and the girls and I shared lunch at the office on their way home from the airport.

This weekend will be a "return to normal" type of weekend.  I'll probably go to CJs tonight. I need to visit with Chris Millington, one of the lead singers, about a situation.  I think I will get a massage on Saturday. Plus, I received a 2 million rupiah ($220) gift card from the company - so I might spend that this weekend at a department store.  Also, I need a haircut - I have "wings" over my ears. >>> As you can see ... a pretty normal weekend.

... sorry this blog is so vanilla.  Guess having the boys gone has let some of the air out of my balloon.

ciao ciao