Go Friday !!! And Other Things

December 14 2006

Finally, Friday ... in less than 2 hours I head to the airport to fly to Singapore to meet Chris and Paul.  They leave Nashville about 11 hours from now.  The achilles heel for this trip is their Washington DC connection .... very tight.  All going well, I WON'T hear from them tonight ... meaning they made their connection ... if something goes wrong ... we will adapt the plan.

While waiting for Chris/Paul, I will visit my friends and do some shopping.

Went out with Decy last night .... we went up to the Sabang area ... which you can't find on a map (I tried).  I looked around at the street cafes ... and signs were saying "Bang Roby" ... so I asked Decy what/who was "Bang Roby" ... apparently "Bang" is slang for brother ... and "Roby" is a guys name.  So, I finally figured it out ... the street cafes were owned by Bang Roby.  Decy pointed him out to me and I introduced myself.  Told him how much I enjoyed his good food ... which probably was a shock for him (coming from a bule) ... but I really do.  I will take Chris and Paul there ....  

As for those that are confused about time change ... just consider this ... for this part of the world ... we are approximately 12 hours ahead of you... so your Friday morning is my Friday night .... your Friday night is my Saturday morning.

ciao ciao