Friday Already ???

December 11 2006

Not !!!  But I am "officially" taking Wed-Fri off from work. Of course,I worked Sunday at home ... and Monday night until 930pm (after I got home from work) .... and I will work at home on Wed & Thurs .... doesn't feel much like a vacation.  PLUS - have some questions coming from Angola ... sounds like they messed something up and need some guidance (bad timing).

Speakers arrived !!! Yeah !! Hot - cool - neat - fantastic !!

The paintings from Angola that Decy had framed also arrived.  They are fantastic and the prices on the frames are unbelievable .... about $80 each ... but probably worth $300-400 in the US.  Wonder what else will arrive this week (besides Chris and Paul) ????

TONIGHT - TONIGHT. Tonight is the rescheduling of Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child.  She will be at Club CJs tonight ... and so will we !!! ... a good reason not to go to work tomorrow AM .... given that we probably won't get home until 4-430am.

Well - gotta get to work and figure out what Angola has messed up ... and besides ... it is ALREADY 432am ....

ciao ciao

The Capn

December 12 2006
i finished my exams! thank goodness! i seriously wanted to just not show up to my last one... ugh!