Chili Pepper Revenge

April 23 2006

Remember the hot hot hot chili I said I ate Sunday night?  Well, it got its revenge on me last night.  There's this funny little attribute about chili peppers - - your stomach digests them slower than most foods.  So, just image (sounds like a beatle song, huh?) .... you eat all this really good food with some super-duper (stole that term from Josh) chili pepper.  Then, you go to bed and let good ole tummy digest the food.  Then, 3 hours later when you're sleeping ... alarm alarm alarm .... all the food is gone EXCEPT for this wad of fire-torch chili sitting in your stomach.

Pain, cramps, convulsions, and who knows what else .... strike the body ... can't move, can't breath, can't talk ... so I'm thrashing in bed (not the fun kind of thrashing) until Decy wakes up ... she asks what's wrong, and I weakly whisper "chili attack .... rice or bread QUICK".  She rushes to the kitchen, grabs me a bowl of white rice.  Somehow I shove two handfuls into my mouth, chew, swallow, pass out.  10 minutes later I wake up, feeling weak, but better ... still hugging my bowl of rice (Decy is already asleep again).  I eat a bit more rice, drink some water ... and go back to sleep.

Was it worth it?  You bet !  I love Decy's cooking, and this doesn't happen too often.  Last night I knew I was "on the edge" RE the quantity of chili .... so ....


April 24 2006

Josh Morgan

April 24 2006
Haha... no matter how hard you try, you're still bule.