Sunday - A Day of Rest

April 23 2006

And so, what was my decision last night?  Dancing or the girl?  Dinner party ended about 11pm ... got to the house to change (or do something different) at 1130pm ... decisions, decisions.  I took the girl.

If I had gone dancing all night, I would have had to write off Sunday for accomplishing anything.  By "taking the girl" (and a beautiful one at that; my wife) I got to bed at a good hour (for me), got a good nights sleep, and now have the opportunity for a leisurely and restful Sunday.

About the dinnner party, we were saying good-bye to our friends Watty and Larry.  Larry is American and Watty is Indonesian.  They are being transferred to Jakarta Indonesia ... and will leave in one or two weeks.  We will miss them.

I met my wife, Decy, in Jakarta under very challenging circumstances, maybe someday I will share that.  Jakarta is an interesting city (as is the country). It has its positives and negatives.  In many ways it is a very modern city, having something like 20 million people.  But, there is lots of air pollution and considered one of the 5 smoggiest cities in the world.  BUT, if you like seafood, spicey food, live music, and cheap cheap cheap (but modern) shopping, that is the place to be.  And, think about it (both girls and boys) ... where else can you go for massage, body scrub, mani/pedi, cream bath ... the full works to completely detox your body and relax .... a full 6-8 hour treatment ... all for about $20-50 depending on where you go.

You may notice that I posted two new pics (one of Luanda, the other of a hash).  For those of you who don't know, hashing is a worldwide sport ... jokingly, it is a "drinking club with a running problem".  Essentially, we are a club that goes running or walking thru cities, towns, mountains, jungles, whatever, for about 1 hour ... then we have a party afterwards.  Its great. I love it.  Hashing is very much a part of my life ... my "hash handle" is Urp the Burp (you figure it out), Decy's is Spicey, Chely's is Gindungo (an Angolan chili), Tasya's is Habanero Kid ... get the pattern?  I just finished my 1-yr position as Grand Master Hasher (kind of like "president").  This year I am the Religious Advisor.  Its my job (now) to make sure that we have good weather, no accidents/injuries, fun, and that none of the 365,459 rules (not including subclauses) are not broken.

The hash is all over the world. If you are interested ... go to ... and you can find the nearest "Hash House Harriers" in your area.

About the pic of Luanda, that is a typical subburb shopping area.  "Real" stores are in town and improving daily, now that the war is over.  And, they are actually building Angola's first mall (should be ready in a year or two).  In the meantime, that pic shows how the majority of people buy/sell.  I have hundreds of Angola pics ...if there is some interest, I can post more.

Gotta run ... I think Spicey has something good for me to eat ... and it ain't bule food (Indonesian slang for American; but its literal translation is "albino")