And so ... life goes on

April 22 2006

Bummer, this morning I write and write and write ... with my boring blog.  And, 8 hours later still nobody has added a remark.  Guess everybody fell asleep; it was that BORING.

Notwithstanding the preceding (sounds professional doesn't it?). Its been a very productive morning.  Had good conversations with daughter Chely about life ... and had good lunch with Chely/Tasya and Decy when we talked about the future (more on that later, another day).  Even more important (actually not MORE but still important), I was able to convince wifey, daughters, and even GRANDMA to join up with Phusebox ... did you notice the flood of "MORGANS" signing up ... he he he ... that's the problem with this family. We are scattered out all over the world, and it is so hard to stay in touch.

So, some of you other bloggers may get a chance to learn about life overseas ... stay tuned to this space ... ask questions when you want.  I will answer what I can.  For those that don't know me ... I left the USA on an overseas assignment to Colombia in 1996 ... since then I have lived/worked in Aceh, Indonesia ... Jakarta, Indonesia ... and Luanda Angola ... will I ever go back to the USA ?? don't know, but certainly not any time soon.

Why am I here ... well go back to blog #1 (at least I think it was #1 ) .... MONEY ... how much money ??? more than you can imagine .... ha ha ha ... at least Rupiah Indonesia 1,000,000 ... go figure it out.

What about fun?  Oh yeah, its Saturday afternoon, soon to be evening for me. Yahoo !!! (no, that's not an advertisement).  So, do I go to the dinner party tonight that Spicey has organized .... and then go home ... or, do I figure out a way to go to the dinner party and then go dancing until 6 am (remember, this is Angola).  Can this old man, still pull an all nighter??? You bet I can ... when you're in love with a woman like Spicey you can do all kinds of things ... oops, almost crossed the line ... he he he ...

Hmmm, Spicey just brought me my clothes to wear for tonight ... a black and tan batik shirt from Indonesia. She tells me to wear khaki pants.  Hmm, wonder if she is going to tell me what color of underwear to wear .... I love that girl. She is so special and caring.

Well, time to get dressed.  I'll let you know tomorrow what I decide about tonight .... its a tough choice ... dancing all night ... or sleeping with my lovely wife ... decisions decisions.

Josh Morgan

April 22 2006
I suppose with exotic lives come exotic clothes. ;) Don't worry about the lack of remarks. A lot of times, posts go uncommented on, but then you'll have a post that everyone has something to say about. I guess it depends on what people can relate to.


April 22 2006
The Morgans are attacking! Hide the children! Wait, I'm a Morgan too.. uh oh.