The Day After

April 22 2006

Ahhhh ... Saturday morning. The day after Friday.  Urgh, what a difficult day at work ... meetings, meetings, meetings.  Can't wait until night time ... and then it comes.

Dinner with friends ... Indonesian woman married to expat men ... most men were French.  Not me, I'm different.  In many ways.  Had a good time. Lots of eating and drinking, but not too much spicey food (I love spicey food).

Had some issues with transportation last night ... what else is new, it rained again and this is Luanda.  Did you know that Luanda only receives about 12 inches of rain a year.  And, it usually comes in 4-5 rains ... in a 2-3 month period.  So ... get a mental pic ... dry, dry, dry ... dust, dust, dust ... then finally ... mud, mud, mud .... great big "mud drifts" everywhere ... time to get the snow plows out  ... oops I mean mud plows.

Bet you guys are bored with my blogging.  I'm learning, slowly.  Step-by-step as I get comfortable with this I'll add more details.

I will say this - - I love my family very much.  I am proud of each of my sons - Josh, Chris, Paul.  Decy, my wife, is the most wonderful woman in the world (I don't deserve her).  Tasya and Chely, my daughters are great girls. They are going to be men-killers ... I'm already having problems with the dogs sniffing around Chely - - I have to protect and guide her, but I don't think she appreciates that.

I could write about other family members ... but I will save that for later ... except for Grandma Suzy ... my mother.  A great woman with a wonderful story ... a true trooper in life.

Gotta go ...