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Warped Tour '06!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 23 2006
Wow what can I say about warped tour besides amazing!!!! I got to see some of the best bands in the world! Plus the band that had the biggest and craziest croud was Underoath which just happens to be a Christian band and he got up and said that they were there playing in the name of Jesus Christ!!! I was sooooo happy about that that I wanted to pee my pants! but it was great! So great in fact that I took tons of pictures!!! Check them out and leave me some sweet comments!


June 23 2006
my friend nick went to that and said it was amazing. he also rubbed in the fact that he saw my favprite band(underoath) play and i didn't...


June 23 2006
RANDY :] man, I really wanted to go to the warped tour, I cant believe you went without me. that makes me sad...

Lin-Z HackneY

June 23 2006
well.. i was back stage with them... did u see me? they are pretty cool guys...esp. the bass player. good seeing u and thanks for buying a bracelet from our boob stand.

adam rodrigues

June 24 2006
coolness. I still love how burnt you were when you got to camp. It cracked me up.


June 25 2006
i didnt even see you there!


June 25 2006
it was FUN! Did you even see me when I waved to you? ::+::Chelsey::+::


July 27 2006
geez, randy. stop it :] aha.I cant to see you! how have you been?


July 31 2006
i'm so glad you didnt pee yourself. i loooove underoath.