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May 26 2006

This is a pretty darn amazing photo in honor of tonights storm!!! Rain Rocks!!! I've got some other too so check them out!!!

photo from dang Randy

adam rodrigues

May 26 2006
now.... you didn't take this did you?


May 26 2006
i'm coming back.... I'm just going to my grandparents in VA. You live right down the street... There's nothing stopping you from walking to my house.... lol or calling me since you have my cell number i think.....


May 26 2006
gosh i love rain storms! i'd love to be in that one!

Laura White

May 26 2006
im gonna miss u randy!! ( well over the summer) have a great one =]

Katie Beasley

May 29 2006
Cool.......well i just got over the flu and now i am finally better. anyways have a great summer. katie

Maja Opacic

May 31 2006
Awesome pictures!

Andrew ?

June 12 2006
what is up? Andrew