hey hey

October 28 2005
  Wow its really starting to get cold!!! I love jackets!!! they are nice and warm and look good too!!! God is so amazing!!! I love everything and everyone!!! bye bye


October 29 2005
KEY BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!

Cara Hawkins

October 30 2005
I love sweaters, and running tights(not together)..yeah I know I'm a little odd.


October 30 2005
i love hugging people with sweatshirts/jackets on. so cozy.

Sarah Bowers

March 27 2006
Hey, read my most recent post and PLEASE spread the word about this Benefit..... THANKS!!!!! <3........ by the way.... you haven't posted on here in like almost half a year, lol (techinically 5 months, but still)....... =D