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Randomness :] ((again))

September 15 2007
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so yeah , i'm at julia's house . and i'm perty much bored out of my mind :] and i don't like her keyboard . it makes me messup to muchhh . but anyways yeah have a good day


Can you say boreddd?

September 14 2007

Yeshhh , i'm most def . in the computer lab rite now . lol . i'm sitting next to Tyler Lane and Emily Strawser . hehe . besties :] i'm in transistion to highschool . chyeahhh fun . lol nottttttttt :P anyways!  today has been a pretty good day . i guess , i went swimming in wellness and it was cold . lol . fanny like got out of the pool then fell . i was laughing so hard! :] lol  but anyways i'm completely bored and emily just told me i type to fast .lol buuuttt yeahhhhhh ..... theres pretty much nothing else to say ..... so uhmmmm "i'll be ur best friends and u'll be my, valentine...yes you can hold my hand if you want to...cause i wanna hold urs too. ." hahaha "big girls don't cry" :] lol .whitney elmore was just listening to that and now its going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day and i'm going to wake up after sleeping in class and yell big girls don't cry and i'm going to be all like ahhhh . and as you can tell i'm pretty much just babbling . which is rlyrly fun :] ppl are going to look at this and be like omg she has too much time on her hands. oohhhh i learned a new fact last nite .... here it goes . your stomach has to make a new film of mucus every two weeks or it will digest urself . so yeahhh . ewww . lol i'm sooo bored. and i want to go see jay :( grrr .... i think i mite be going to the football game today . idk why i'm even typing all this its not like anyone is acutally going to read it . but oh well . cause i like typing and i feel random today . i officaly dub friday random day . wwelllllll actualy every day is random day for me . lol yeahhhhhhhh. my hand hurts but i don't want to stop its like I"M IN THE ZONE! hahaha . :] but yeah i rly kinda sorta am def . in the zone :]]]] chyyeahhhh . what you know about dat?!?! lol i love that song . yeahhhh its 1:07 :P  can't wait till three o clock . whoa i almost typed click . i love that movie . but it made me cry ... yeah i cry too much . i'm emotional . blahhhh . whatever :] i'm bipolar.. thats all i know . lol. i'm shure emily thinks i'm retarded for writing this much . hehe :] now its 1:08 chyeahhhh . i know i'm good like that :] i type 87 words per min . i'm just so good. you dont even know mannne . lol i love jay . oh yeahhh . i do i do ido love youuuuu .ahahahhahahahahahahah. i'm making a funny face . hahahah and now deyontay is singing and i swear he should never even sing again . he's so bad .its like eew . but anyways i think i'm going to stop babbling now . byeee :]


September 10 2007
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so yeahhh.

September 08 2007

im kinda new to this site :] i'm so used to myspace . but yeah . i like this site too :]

if anyone would like to help me out on this site ...  i'd love you forever :D

         see ya!