Clint Nadeau




What do you see?

March 27 2006

Take a few minutes and look at this picture...

How does this picture make you feel?...

What do you see?...

I'm curious to find out how this picture makes you feel. I'll tell you the title of this picture in a bit.


March 27 2006
It makes me feel slightly confused. I see a person in the ocean, and someone else is in the ocean but their head is underwater with their hands out stretched to this giant eye and ear and I think there may be a nose there... that's where I get confused... ha ha...

John Dunahoo

March 27 2006
i feel like im drowning and almost sorta dizzy cause its so buisy it feels like your choking with your mouth wide open allowing the water in your mouth unable to breathe


March 27 2006
Someone in the dark<br> who are you<br> Who am I<br> so many people<br> crowding my soul<br>

Rachael Vance

March 27 2006
at first, i see three features of a person's face: a nose, an eye, and an ear. then you see the two hands like they are trying to rip the person away. finally, i see the black, vague picture of a person emerging from the i'm not sure what it is.

Ebony Da'na

March 28 2006
Thank you for asking about my dad. He passed away about a week and a half ago. Please say a prayer for my family. Take care and God bless!

Megan Polis

March 28 2006
I'm sorry I deleted you as a friend, I thought you were someone else, however you are not the person I thought you were, so sorry, but anyways I really like this post, I love the picture, anyways have a fabulous day!


April 02 2006
i see that dark person in the bottom, and it makes me think of the sin. any sin, that sucks u in. it is the worldly stuff, but the huge man, at the top is not getting sucked in. he has got it going on.

Daniel Patterson

April 14 2006
This makes me feel like I'm sitting in the sanctuary between the college pastor and the youth intern, then, during a VBS video, a graphic jumps into place going boioioing and everyone starts laughing.


April 15 2006
ummm, i'm a little scared. i see a rat/monkey/human thing with strange body parts and it's like, dying or something. Then there's some kind of demon in the bottom corner. Maybe its that that's killing it.