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He's Here! Introducing Rachel and I's Beautiful, Precious Baby Boi, Clint Aslan Nadeau!

March 16 2006

Aslan got here a  week ago today! I can't believe it's already been a week! March 9, 2006 at 11:29pm Rachel and I's precious son, Clint  Aslan Nadeau was born! Aslan, tipped the scales at 8 pounds, 4.5 ounces, and 20 inches. The delivery wasn't an easy one. Dr. Swan had to delivery Aslan by way of forceps (they resemble salad tongs) because he turned face up instead of face down. So that's why Aslan's left eye was swollen shut. Aslan's eye has since returned to normal and the brusie is almost gone. I will continue updating pictures of him. I have had the flu the past few days and class so I have been extremely busy and sick. Please continue to ask God to give Rachel and I the wisdom to raise Aslan. It has been so neat to see Rachel with Aslan. It is beautiful to see her talk to Aslan and do all the Mommy things with him. I am so in love with my precious son, Aslan. Aslan is so dependent on Rachel and I. For everything! God has taught me that my relationship with Him is to continue to be like that. No matter how old and independent and self-sufficent I become in life that I am still to rely on His guidence, His Word, and His fellowship to live. I am in awe of God. This experience of watching Aslan come into the world has changed my life. I praise God that He has blessed Rachel and I with this opportunity to raise Aslan for His glory. This whole thing has made me fall in love with God in a way that I can't describe. He has entrusted Rachel and I to raise Aslan according to His Word and Truth. I am so humbled and honored.

To all the single parent teenagers,
To the kids who go to bed every night without the love from both parents,
To the Moms who struggle to make ends meet. Who cry themselves to sleep overwhelmed,
To the Dads who try as hard as they can to provide and yet feel as though they never connect with they're child,
For all the tears my brother and sister and I cried,
To the insecurity that overtook us,
The insanity that was more consistant than security,
For all those nights where you couldn't close your eyes to sleep because you wondered when Mom was coming home,
I promise to be the Father I never had for the glory of Jesus Christ and for you.

On behalf of my God and life Jesus Christ, I surrender to You, depending on You to raise Aslan so that I might not repeat the mistakes that my parents made. Grant Rachel and I, your servants, the strength and wisdom to guide Aslan to Your cross. May you call Aslan's name to salvation according to Your will, so that He would bring glory to Your name.

And you who read this, no matter if your from a broken home or not
ask God to give you His strength to raise your future children for God's glory. Be there for your kids. Emotionally and physically. Always love them. Lavish them more with affection then material goods. Want more to provide for them then for selfish gain. No matter what, seek God, who is the giver of all things, at all costs.


March 16 2006
Congrats. Hope that you continue to get better, and that you be able to catch up on some much needed sleep! Good luck! I'm sure you two will be GREAT parents!


March 16 2006
you made me cry! oh he is so precious, looks just like his daddy w/his hair all up in the air! hope you feel better; i'm praying for yall! Welcome to this world, Aslan!

Rachel Chase

March 16 2006
AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! he is SO ADORABLE! Congrats! ^^

Emily Perakes

March 16 2006
what u said made so much sense- i just needed to hear that right now.... thanks..... and he does look just like u- with the hair!!!! he is so precious..... i cant wait to see him- in person


March 16 2006
What a Beautiful baby!!=)

meredith taylor

March 16 2006
Aw! He is so precious!!! I hope that you catch up on your sleep and feel better!!!!! Tell rachel i said hi!!!!


March 16 2006

Kelly Hamby

March 16 2006
i love the hair!!! he looks adorable... congratulations...!!! i can't wait to see him!! -kelly

Garrett Haynes

March 16 2006
Clint, congratulations! I haven't talked to u since Aslan was born but I hope you're doing well. I got to go and see Aslan and hold him today, and he looks just like u man! Yall have really been blessed! Continue to fight the good fight. Hope u get to feeling better. ~Garrett

Jade Nicole Burnett

March 16 2006
Congratulations...He is so adorable. U know I've know u and Rachel for about 4 yrs now and it has been such a blessing to watch both of you. I love u both so much and I love the fact that ya'll have a precious son and most importantly that your love for God and His glory is the main point (no matter where He takes the two of u). Just know that I am encouraged by the both of you!!!!!!! so thanks :)

Jonathan Moore

March 16 2006
Congrats my prayers are with yall. If you need anything just give me a call el clinto! Peace out lil Aslan!


March 16 2006
congratulations!!!!!! :o) y'all are in my prayers! He's completely precious and completely loved! :o)

Rachael Vance

March 16 2006
he is so perect! i know that y'all are going to be amazing parents. i'm praying for all of you! congratulations! i love all of the nadeaus!

Stacy Freeman

March 16 2006
cutest little baby i have ever seen. its a true clint baby. stacy


March 16 2006

Bethany Bratcher

March 16 2006
He's beautiful! I am soo sorry you had the flu...I had it a month ago, and cannot even imagine what it would have been like to have had a new baby to take care of at the time! I will be praying for you both, or the three of you!

Ben Wicks

March 17 2006 named him after the lion in the Narnia books?


March 17 2006
Congratulations! i know you and rachel are going to be awesome parents and are already! he's so precious! i'll be praying for all of you!

Olivia ~AKA Liv~

March 17 2006
Clint....he is the cuetest thing ever!!!!! congrats mucho!!!!!! i love you and rachel and im praying 4 u always! and lil neadau!!!!! much love ~* Olivia*~


March 18 2006
ONG its clint Jr. lol its mini clint wow you guys are the luckiest people in the world. i'm praying for ya'll get better clinto. and get better rahcel I lvoe you guys. Abi


March 18 2006
how perfect...he came out with a fohawk! i must say he is extremely precious...i may steal him from you if i see him in person!!!! congrats! _kt

Alicia May

March 20 2006
He is so adorable! Congrats! I can't wait to see him in person! I hope yall are doing well! You and Rachel are going to be amazing parents! That baby is going to be so full of love! Ali May

ami driver

March 20 2006
i am so incredibly amazed how beautiful your child is. i pray for him constantly and for your whole new, innocent, precious, alien journey. that all goes as well as it can, and when it doesnt, that it only brings growth in your family and to Christ. i am so unspeakibly joyful for you 2.. you three! congratulations on a beautiful baby boy. =) you know ill come see yall when things arent as hectic-- bring yall dinner or something! love yall in Christ


April 17 2006
congrats! <br><br> what an adorable baby!!